Tall City Youth Horse Club

Tall City Youth Horse Club

Dear TCYHC Family and Friends:

It is time to put the 2018 play day season on our minds. 2017 marked a great year for TCYHC, and the goal is for 2018 to be the same.
With such a great organization providing play days for over 40 years strong inevitable changes arise. One such major change is the leadership of this organization. In previous years, the Kenneys, Hagees, Alfords, and many more have served as board members, helped with events, and did what I would call an extraordinary job of producing play days we have all enjoyed. Our families came together, to compete in nothing short of excellence, from what an association such as this could possibly offer.
For an organization to work as well as TCYHC has for so many years much work and time is spent to the effort. The current board has done their part, and has decided to continue help, but wish to allow others to organize and run TCYHC. “Big shoes” such as what are stepping down will be impossible to fill full, but TCYHC will have a strong 2018 season.
This is where my family and I come into the picture. I have been working with the Kenney family in handing off the torch to my family and I. Very little change will occur, but as you know, there will inevitably be a learning curve so we must all give it a chance. The formats, philosophies, etc., will remain close to the same. The kiddos will always come first.
I do have a few small ideas to try this upcoming season, and will update you on those ASAP. With the help of the Kennys, I have been securing dates (below), livestock, financing, etc. My main goal is to continue to produce TCYHC as a Play Day, not as a major Rodeo/Jr. Rodeo association. We will be a little more “turnkey”, by providing secretarial aid at/between play days for website, points, entries, production, and some labor help. This should in turn provide parents with opportunities to continue to help if they want, or focus on a wonderful day with their children, and friends.
Should you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me in any way. Should others rather take the lead please let me know, and my family and I will be glad to help. Otherwise we are off to the races! 2018 watch out! Here comes the TCYHC!
Dates: (notice there are 8 instead of 6, and we will update the rules for such (number counted will probably be 6) ASAP. They are also spread apart, and planned around other local play day clubs, and Jr. Rodeos. This will allow optimal attendance, and plenty time to update items between play days. All play days will be at the West TX Horse Center.

– Saturday/Sunday May 5, 6, 2018.
– Saturday/Sunday June 3, 4, 2018.
– Saturday/Sunday August 11, 12, 2018
– Finals – Saturday/Sunday September 8, 9, 2018

Matt Kiker

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” John Wayne

Play Days

What a great Summer Series we have – 9 saddles were awarded!!


Second year to giveaway an all-around boy and an all-around girl saddle in each age group, as well as runner up buckles and below awards for boy/girl in each age group.

IMG_6314 (2)

Play Day Agenda

8:30 Books Open for late entries.

9am Books Close
9:45 Grand Entry
10am Play Day begins

Speed events first.

Followed by Saturday’s Roping events then Sunday’s Roping events. Both are held Saturday in order to get the stock home if needed. We will see how the first weekend goes with this format.

Play Day Events

  • Supercourse
  • Barrels
  • Poles
  • Flags
  • Goat Touch/Tie
  • Dummy Roping
  • Calf Touch/Tie
  • Ribbon Roping
  • Calf Breakaway
  • Steer Breakaway
  • Steer Stopping
  • Team Roping- Heading and Heeling

Age Groups

  • Leadline-anyone not ready to ride alone yet.
  • 6 & Under
  • 7-9
  • 10-12
  • 13-15
  • 16-19
  • 20+

Tall City Youth Horse Club

Tall City Youth Horse Club

TCYHC is a great organization that has benefited the lives of children in the Permian Basin for over 40 years.

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